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Genomineerd voor de JBZ Award 2021

In a world of rush, nature is heaven.

This world as it is, is not where I wish to be. Our ancestors lived in the wild. They went where the wind or the sun took them. They traveled until they found their habitat. Nowadays, we’ve been ‘de-grounded’ from birth, uprooted and molded to strive for perfection according to the norms of society. We cross climates where we don’t want to be, or where it’s hard to ground.

I use flowers as a metaphor for the circle of life, transience and the process of growth. Just like the ‘de-earthed’ flowers, I am researching a way to the right soil where I can root and bloom undisturbed. Like flowers, I find the strength to keep growing.

I am Loes, a multimedia artist. My work includes graphic techniques, murals, photography and installations with spatial experiences. It’s characterized by the use of contrasts, opposites, dynamic patterns, flowers and plants.

Love, Loes