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Love is versatile and complicated. So are gods and of course… Humans. A graphic novel about the different kinds of love in the ancient Greek language, retold by Greek mythological tales. Myths full of misery, despair, love and of course lots of lust.

“My graphic novel ‘Eros -Love in Greek’ tells you about the different kinds of love that the ancient Greeks believed in. They thought there were more definitions for love, like Agape, Philautia and Eros. What do those words mean? What kind of love do they illustrate?

Each chapter in ‘Eros -Love in Greek’ retells a myth, and after you learned about the story, you will know what the kind of love meant.

I wrote and illustrated this book with lots of pleasure. Ever since I was small, I loved Greek mythology, fantasy, gods and human relationships. This book is a love letter to all my favourite subjects. The book is made with watercolour and Photoshop. Since I usually work with traditional art supplies, the book was quite a challenge, but I’m very happy with how it turned out!

You can read here, chapter one. For more information, please visit my website!“