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"You tell me, I'm all ears."

“It is always an exciting physical and mental confrontation to get started with materials that raise new questions. You tell me. I’m all ears. My work process is driven by those confrontations. These provide me with the forms in which I want to examine the norms that play a role in identity and the pressure to perform. My works often resemble a distortion of actuality. Through this distortion I hope to make everyday life more fluid. The interactive elements “Engelenkoor” or “Angel choir” of this work, came to be through my search to put audio first. The audio experience changes perception of time. It can speed up the clock or slow time down. The bodily resonance that takes place through the interaction and confrontation reflects my working process onto the viewer. The questions start to rise. With the accessibility of my work I want to evoke the suggestion of a reality that is constantly changing and distorting. Your presence already adjusts reality. Your influence distorts reality.”