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All plants are different. So why are all plant pots the same?

Eén Pot Nat originated from a study about plant pots. I discovered that the shape of pots hasn’t changed for centuries. But the way we look at the pots and the plants inside them has changed.

Initially, pots were used to move plants inside during winter. Now their main function is decorative. Sometimes we don’t even put a plant in them! And if we do, we tend to forget it’s a living thing that needs care. We’ve become estranged from nature…

To solve this problem, I’ve created pottery that is tailored to what a plant needs while giving the owner a new sense of appreciation for their plant. Every pot is made-to-order and unique. When someone orders a pot, they will receive a consultation where we look at the plant and its needs. This way, owners can rediscover their plants and feel more responsible to take care of them.