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Normalizing the use of earplugs for the youth when going to clubs, pubs, concerts and festivals.

Nowadays, the youth is blasting their favourite songs through their earphones, going around all day wearing them and spending days on end at popular music festivals. Their hearing ability is getting worse, without them even realizing it. The use of earplugs seems “lame” to them, and they think that hearing impairment is an issue for later on in life, when in fact it can occur early on in life. Using some sort of filter to protect your ears should be common. With this project, I want to emphasize the importance of using earplugs while going out. To normalize the use of earplugs and make it attractive to young people. I want to do this through a campaign together with an online website, where all the earplugs that are on the market are collected and therefore easier to find, so you can make a better choice when it comes to buying earplugs.