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How do you implement 3D animation to a website?

Hello, my name is Bart van Dongen, and I’m a 3D designer, graduating in (3D) animation and illustration. For my graduation project, I created a proof of concept (3D) website and Animation with the brand Ellevation.

Ellevation is a company that looks at the person and where their strength lies, which job will be suited, and if there is a commercial opportunity to be discovered. They can also guide you as a career coach to realize your ambitions.

I wanted to combine a 3D animation within a website to create a unique online experience that distinguishes itself from others. In the 3D animation, you enter a fantasy world where you discover where your strengths lie. Are you ready to become who you are?

The proof of concept website: ellevation-website-3d.webflow.io/
The design was made in collaboration with ROSH Studios.