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A renewed take on travel time through a work-from-home environment.

On the way from home to work. By public transport, car, bike or on foot. Delays, long traffic jams, open bridges, rain showers and so on. Some employees loved to have this moment, others hated it. Personally, I enjoyed my travel time very much. I often traveled by train, where I could wake up quietly, sip a fresh Starbucks coffee and mentally prepare myself for what the day had to offer. Although I can still enjoy a cup of coffee while working from home, I notice that I have to put in a lot more effort at the start of the day to motivate myself to start working. “Disconnected” investigates how homeworkers need travel time to switch their mindset from private to work and back at the end of the day. What is the influence of the lack of travel time on our work and how can this be applied efficiently into a household? This speculative research takes you to a world where you can experience your own version of travel time. It is a moment we have privatized to really make free for ourselves; where we can create a new mindset in our pace.