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A picture book about showing vulnerability, resulting in a special friendship between a cat and a mouse.

Coosje is a little mouse, made of fabric and stuffing. She used to be a child’s favourite friend, but now she is nothing but a forgotten thing in the attic. She longs for a friend, but she has been there by herself for so long now… She is too afraid to leave.

One day Cleo the cat discovers the attic, looking for a friend. But when Coosje sees her, she gets scared! Cats are dangerous, everyone knows that!
Cleo on the other hand, is terribly afraid of the dark. A pitch black and forgotten attic isn’t a good place to be then!

“De niet meer nodig dingen” is a picture book for children aged 4-6 years, about fear and friendship. The story is written in collaboration with Samantha Janssen.