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Holy Shit.

I have always been fascinated by the Church, so I made a contemporary translation of a story from the Bible. Four different interpretations of the story are worked out: literal, symbolic, scientific and one in the present day. These are printed on toilet paper like a kind of comic strip.

The toilet is a quiet place where people take time to think. Because of the tranquillity that hangs there, it contrasts with it’s surrounding where the fast-paced daily life rages on. It’s comparable to the tranquillity in a church that contrasts with its surroundings.

The choice for toilet paper is based on hygiene, but also on ‘giving a shit’ about a view with which you do not agree with.

The different interpretations are printed on different types of toilet paper, critical on abrasive, soft, layered paper for the symbolic and extra strong paper for the scientific view.