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Homeward bound

House of milk and honey is a small house of abundance and opportunities, literally and metaphorically. When I was little, my parents bought a wooden playhouse, and my mother made a tent of fabric to fit it. The playhouse was very dear to me. When I grew older, it was sold to another family. I had the desire, to recreate this playhouse, and to recall my childhood memories.

Oma Rita once read an Arabic book, in which the writer mentioned a ‘house of goodness and happiness’. She thought this was a beautiful expression. When she married my opa Wim and went to live in my great-great-grandmother’s house, they decided to give the house a name. The phonetic Arabic translation of ‘house of goodness and happiness’: Daret Alkair. Opa placed the name in metal welded letters against the house, where they have now hung for almost fifty years.