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I strive to works which can exist without the same old serious conversations.

I’ve been working with textiles for a while now and it’s safe to say that these materials really grew on me. In combination with canvas it results in collages, sometimes flat sometimes three-dimensional. Nothing is too bold or crazy, I use every material or colour you could think of. Nothing is done that neat because I like a playful tactic, things were created very instinctively and in the moment. On the other hand, the process of making the knitting and embroidering/stitching is very important to me. Although the process is quick and playful it is also very precise and takes time. You could say that my art practice is abstract in a certain way. I strive for works that can exist without the same old serious conversations, works that need no explanations, works which are not interpretable. This is easier said than done but that is exactly what is interesting. Is it even possible to make something so abstract that it is not interpretable? Why do I strive for that point in art? I think it is important to take art serious in a certain way but at the same time it is important for myself to not take art that serious. What do I mean with serious? The institutional side of it, like the museums and the commercial business behind it. People always need clarity and explanations of work and I personally think this could be done a little bit less, even though I understand it.