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A space between reality and fantasy.

I want to pull ideas out of my head and let them come alive in paint. The more I paint, the bigger and clearer my world gets. I paint what fascinates me, so at the moment I’m very interested in organic shapes such as flowers and plants. As I see them in real life, I get the urge to change them into something else and let them exist in an almost alienating world. A space between reality and fantasy. My interest lays in illusion, abstraction and optical effects.

My work is influenced by the digital space, which I try to translate to a traditional medium such as painting. In my paintings, I use vivid colors derived from digitally created images.

My work is still very much based on painting itself, about the composition, color contrast
and techniques. I work on a large scale to immerse the viewer. I can’t find myself in academic words or texts, I try to be as honest with my work as I can and conceptual ideas are not part of that. Every painting becomes alive and at one point, and then I can distance myself from it and notice that it became something on its own.