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Belhamel: a fun and entertaining card game for the whole family. Do you have what it takes to become the best flock of sheep in the entire neighborhood?

Báááhh, the sheep have escaped! You as bellwether, leader of your flock of sheep, have to gather as many sheep as you can. Obviously you want to be the best of them all. But be careful, dangerous wolves and jealous flocks are lurking around… Do you have what it takes?

Fit for age 6 and up, BELHAMEL is a fun cardgame for the whole family. Earn as many point by collecting sheep, gather resources to buy more fences and save up loyal sheepdogs to help you when you’re in need. Mostly luck based for the younger children and a bit of tactics to keep it interesting for adults. BELHAMEL is sure to make your evening fun and derpy sheep filled! Ever since I was little I’ve loved sheep and playing games, so what better way to combine these two than into my very own game.

Happy playing!