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i am looking for a feeling, a feeling you have while running in the middle of a game, you feel you have a goal, that goal is the most important thing on earth, this goal will soon be completely useless, but that does not matter now, now you must run.

“dear mom and dad,

it is very nice here!

we built a big table in the garden. the table is made of round wooden poles tied together with rope. i have taught fien and siem the knots, and they can do it very well. we use the table to work, talk, eat and live at.

i am also making figures with clay. i like to shape the clay with my hands in to the things I see in the surrounding nature. or challenge people to shape the clay with only one rule: you must be able to drink out of it.

we learn a lot from each other. i think that is very important. but even more important to me is the care we have for each other and our surroundings.

will you come see and experience this with me soon?

hug and a kiss,