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"The transition phase from minor to major adult citizenship and communication about those matters for this young target group needs to become a bigger point of focus for policymakers. The associated civic tasks must become clearer, easier and more accessible."

‘Burger’, It’s a word with two different meanings in Dutch: a slice of grilled ground meat and a citizen. From the age of 18, according to Dutch law, you are officially of age. A memorable moment because from then on you are responsible for arranging a lot of complicated duties (health insurance, allowances, banking, etc.) This transition phase should, in contrast to the current policy, become a bigger point of interest for politicians and legislators. With the 100% Burger concept, Roos intends to make the civic duties, rights and responsibilities bite-sized for young people, using the metaphor of a hamburger.

Roos uses an installation with informational facilities to present the young people with all of their civic duties. Each part of the hamburger symbolizes one of the civic duties. The more complete knowledge of duties they have, the more chance they’ll have to reach the ultimate status of ‘100% BURGER’.