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I'm fascinated by how we communicate, behave and how we move through the physical and virtual world. I create my projects by combining these worlds, moving contexts or situations.

Hidden behind their computers, people wish each other the ugliest things. Hate comments are posted without thinking of the consequences, and people wish someone else dead just like that. Do we always have to give our opinion on everything, based on nothing?

In the physical world, the comments have a completely different value than in the virtual world. Norms and values have changed over time in the virtual world. People feel anonymous and more free to say whatever they think. Maybe they feel in control, maybe they feel better by bringing someone else down.

In ‘Als een gele zomer’ I break down hate comments and write poems with the letters, sending out a completely different message as the original hate comment. Transforming something negative into something positive. The speed of the virtual versus the slow process of writing poems.