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The power of art is to represent the things you cannot put into words.

As a maker I direct and produce films and plays. In this I focus on the experience of people their emotions. I like to work with personal and social themes, in which I subtly hold up a mirror to the viewer. Vulnerability plays a major role in this. From me as a maker, but also certainly from the work itself. This can make the work very fragile and at the same time enormously powerful. The work I make is fictional, but often has a documentary storyline. Today’s life, staged, but roughly portrayed. In my graduation work we follow the student Eva (20) who, in her busy student life, feels very detached from the people around her. The moment there is a pandemic outbreak, she gets confronted with herself and struggles with her own identity. ‘adem stilte’ is a short fiction film about identity, vulnerability and a new form of loneliness.