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“I would say it is beautiful: rolling green hills, rain, clouds, lakes, rivers, trees, lots of hedges and small tiny roads. The people are tough, people who have been through a lot. They are hardy, but friendly. Lots of history and memorials. It is a beautiful, but traumatised place.” - Alex

As a photographer, I marvel at the beauty of the daily, domestic family life. I am fascinated about the phenomenon ‘home’. While everyone initially agrees that we know what it is like to feel at home, the moment we describe what the feeling of home actually is, we start stuttering. It turns out to be a wordless emotion. At the same time, the feeling of home is a selective emotion: it embraces one and excludes the other.

With my analogue medium format camera, I walked along the Northern-Irish border. The project A Shared Line is a site specific investigation into what it means to call this place ‘home’. Since 1998, the Northern-Irish border is invisible which is a symbol of peace. Although most of the violence has subsides, Northern-Ireland is still a country of division. A Shared Line is a research into how photography can contribute to the proces of reconciliation.