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I believe the majority of people don’t like to dive deep into a data dashboard to figure out the story that’s being told. Bar and pie charts aren’t always the best (and definitely not the most fun) way to visualize data.

I wrote this for you to read. We read and write every day. It’s something we’ve been doing since childhood, on autopilot. But for 2.5 million people in the Netherlands, this is not necessarily a given. That’s 1 in 7. They are low literate. In my graduation project, I want to draw attention to the problem of low literacy in The Netherlands. An issue many of us are totally unaware of.

As an information designer, I visualize data in an analogue and handcrafted way. I move beyond the bar chart and let data determine the shape of ordinary objects, such as lamps. By adding personal context, statistics become about people again. It reconnects the abstract data to where these numbers originate from: real stories about real people.

My immersive reading chair experience targets those who can read well to raise awareness of those who can’t. Take a seat and discover.